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Guitar Slide Technique Using the Hoolahan Guitar Slide

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    One of the biggest inconveniences in using a guitar slide is the lack of mobility and ease it is sometimes unable to provide someone trying to play the way theyd like.

    If youre someone whos suffered from the years old problem of having only 3 fingers available when using a slide, we now have a product that can give a player all four fingers plus a slide finger too.

    Here at Hoolahans we have created a guitar slide that makes it incredibly easy to use a slide, no matter what your skill level.

    You can see as Phil Hoolahan plays in this video just how easy to use our slides are.

    In this particular instance, he is using our brass slide to get that highly desired polished tone to his performance.

    Our brass slide comes in three sizes to accommodate all sizes and is made from annealed brass to ensure that you can get a smooth sound from any movement.

    We dont provide the product based on ring size as the product sits in the middle of the finger so you can turn it appropriately depending on how you play.

    We also have a glass slide for sale if youre after a piece that can bring out the middle harmonics of your sound.

    You can find out more about that product at visiting http://www.hoolahan.co/shop/guitarslideglass/

    Notice how as Phil plays, all his fingers remain free to navigate around as he sees fit.

    The slide has a nice balanced weight and the thinner wall our brass slides are roughly 2mm gives a heightened freedom of movement that you just dont get with traditionally used slides.

    If youre just starting out and dipping your toes in to playing this way, we cant recommend our slides enough.

    Theyre perfect for beginners and professionals alike, and come at a price which wont break the bank.

    If youre someone who always struggles to hit notes and often find yourself rounding the hand unnaturally to accommodate for wearing any slide, youll be interested din this product for the space it creates.

    Hoolahan Guitar Slides are made in Scotland and aim to be your solution to finding the perfect guitar slide.

    To find out more about the products we have on offer, please visit our website: http://www.hoolahan.co/

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    You can also follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/Hoolahan_Slides

    And dont forget you can check all our videos from our channel too at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMqFLZD80ON4JdNUTFXnpNQ

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