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    A major part of the weight loss process patients follow when carrying out Alevere Therapy here at Snowberry Lane is the use of LPG and ultrasound treatments.

    These special treatments work in tandem to help improve the appearance of skin after all the hard work patients are going through during Alevere Therapy.

    In this video youll see firsthand what patients can expect from lipomassage LPT and how ultrasound helps the body.

    Our head Alevere Therapist Joanne Ings will take us through what each does and what it does on the body.

    The first treatment is Ultrasound.

    It is used to remove fat from stubborn areas of the body.

    An oil is applied directly on to the skin before we begin.

    Using an applicator, the oil helps provide a smooth gliding motion on to the skin that passes over these areas and helps the stubborn fat to break down.

    On average, an ultrasound treatment takes roughly 20 minutes as were trying to get skin to reach the optimal temperature that will have the best effect on breaking fats down.

    The treatment is very comfortable for a patient.

    The second part of this combined treatment is LPG.

    Lipomassage is used to stimulate skin cells for skin tightening and helps to increase the lymphatic circulation.

    It is a full body treatment and can be used on the arms, legs and midsection.

    Again, this treatment uses an applicator that glides over the skin to create a vacuum between the instrument and skin.

    This vacuum helps to encourage a quicker breakdown of waste and fat cells in the lymphatic system.

    LPG also helps to stimulate call renewal and collagen elasticity so the skin is nice and firm.

    With the combination of these two treatments, fat is removed from stubborn areas that traditional treatments cant target and leaves the skin looking nice

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