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Massage Hacks

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    This great little compilation is like a pocket guide to alleviating all that stiffness by following these 9 simple massage hacks that go from top to toe and everywhere in between.

    Do you ever think about how much of your day you might spend sitting down? On an average work day for someone who commutes by car or public transport, you'll spend 30 minutes sitting down before work, an average of 7 hours sitting down in work, and then another 30 minutes on the way home.

    All that sitting isn't doing us all a world of good, and with the number of people visiting doctors for help with chronic pain around the joints from sitting down so much, our bodies are all crying out for a little TLC.

    And while we don't all have the time to go a massage every day, there are a few little tip and tricks you can use in your daily routine to alleviate all that stress on your muscles, and in turn, help you chill out a little bit time

    So light some candles, throw a chill mix from your Spotify on and follow some of these very simple and highly effective massage tips.

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