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The Force Awakens Original Soundtrack 30

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    The soundtrack is brilliant and a worthy addition to the series.

    Reys theme is particularly memorable and the themes from the past movies are well adapted for some of the most dramatic and emotional moments in the film.

    Williams does not rely as much on his previous compositions, which is quite refreshing as he expands the soundscape of this series, and introduces music that is relevant to the characters and thems of these new movies.

    Williams ought to be commended for taking this approach with the music since most of the criticism levelled at the movie was its overreliance on the plots of the 1977 original.

    At least the music takes you to a different place and keeps things fresh.
    Anyone who has seen the movie will already have an opinion on the music so if you liked it, this CD will be a real treat.

    The sound is crisp and clear and the CD is not mastered to be overly loud.

    If there is one thing I did not like about this package is that this deluxe edition does not seem to have any extra tracks or features over the standard edition as far as I can see.

    This one has a glossy cardboard sleeve with an insert for a booklet featuring a foreword by J.


    Abrams, and a track listing I do not own the standard edition, but presumably that comes in a normal jewel case.

    The track listing is not on the back of the CD cover so you have to take out the booklet if you want to read the it.

    I am not sure why they didnt list the tracks on the back of the cover since it is to take the book out to see the track titles it can be a little tricky handling books and putting them back in.

    I think there should have been a little more content on this dearer package.

    Had I known the only deluxe thing is the cardboard sleeve, I would have gone for the standard edition as this offers no real premium content.

    At the time of purchasing there was a price difference of a few pounds between both editions and I think this is a substantial difference for an edition that does not seem to offer much more.

    Perhaps I am nitpicking but the review is as much for the music as it is for the product and presentation, so I have awarded four stars, though I would have happily given it 5 had the flaws I pointed out not been present, but alas they are, hence the score.

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